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Ultra-Secure File Sharing Platform

Torozo is hyper-security for your data made easy.  The key factors in cybersecurity are CIA (confidentiality, integrity, and availability).  Torozo hyper-secures your data through strict adherence to these precepts.  With a combination of controls, encryption, life cycle management, separation, and reliability, in Torozo your data is safer than if it was in your own hands.


Security starts with knowing who is in the system.  Torozo only supports interaction with users, applications, and services that have been authenticated.   Unfortunately, these days it is all to easy for bad actors to hijack a user’s credentials elsewhere and attempt to gain access to the system.  Since Torozo is based on a zero-trust policy, the authentication of the user’s identity is further reinforced with multi-factor authentication, stopping the bad actors in their tracks.  For larger organizations, who maintain their own IAM (identity and access management) systems, consistent behaviors and policy are ensured by allowing the organization to use that IAM system for Torozo as well.  

When it comes to data access, authentication is not enough, the party in question must also be authorized before any interactions can occur.  As above, where an organization has their own IAM system, the BYOA (Bring Your Own Authentication system) capability of Torozo supports consistent policy including fine-grained role-based authorization control (RBAC).

Once a user is authenticated and authorized, they are allowed to interact with your secured data only in a manner set out by you the owner or your designated representatives.  However, Torozo continues to offer controls during all of these data (and system) interactions, with complete tracking and logging of all system activity.  These compliance logs are maintained securely within Torozo.  They may also be exported in near real time to the owner’s organization.  With real time exported compliance logging, Torozo supports extended data and behavioral controls and analytics empowering DLP (data loss prevention), EUBA ( user and entity behavior analytics), and SOAR (security orchestration and response).

The controls above ensure both the confidentiality and integrity of the Torozo system.  To further secure your data and maintain confidentiality, the data must be encrypted throughout its entire lifespan within the system.  Torozo employs a unique multi-layer form of data cryptography which is designed to even withstand future assaults by quantum computers. 

Based at its core on military grade, FIPS 140-2 certified encryption, combined with edge-based asymmetric key cryptography, the Torozo system locks your data down before it leaves your device and keeps it hyper-secure both in-flight and at-rest, until it is delivered back to yourself or your designated recipients.  Not even the system administrators can decrypt your protected data.

Stronger confidentiality is achieved through a clear separation of controls and data sets.  For this reason, the Torozo SaaS (software as a service) is multi-tenanted.  Each organization has their own collective set of controls and storage end points.  Similarly at an individual user level, each subscribed user has their own private space.  All data in their space is theirs and theirs alone, to share or keep private as they see fit.

The integrity of your hyper-secured data in Torozo is maintained for its entire lifecycle from when it is first selected for inclusion in your secure repository (upload), for its entire time in the repository, including  downloads, through to the data’s destruction upon the owner’s request.  The controls and encryption above are in place for this entire time, as is the compliance tracking.  In addition, cryptographic hashes of the content are maintained for this full lifecycle to guarantee the integrity of the content as compared to its original state.  Integrity is further maintained supported by a policy of ongoing operational monitoring policies including periodic integrity spot-checks.  This continuous focus on integrity, even when Torozo’s proprietary ESS (encrypt, shred, spread) protocol is in effect safeguards against system failures as well as side-mounted cyberattacks on the repository storage locations, including ransomware.  

With Torozo your data is always available and always reliable.  With Torozo’s ESS technology, even if a cloud storage provider is down, multi-cloud placement means your data remains intact and reachable.  When your data goes cold, Torozo tiers and manages it to ensure it remains seamlessly reachable.  At the end of its lifecycle, when requested, a deletion certificate verifying the destruction of the content is available.

Platform – Ultra Secure
Platform – Ultra Secure
Zero Knowledge

Full control means zero-trust and zero-knowledge.  Even an inside administrator cannot access the data.

Platform – Ultra Secure

Through automated key generation or full key control from an organizational perspective, you control the keys.

Platform – Ultra Secure

Coming soon:  as a DR (disaster recovery) measure, key recovery will be possible to verified organizations through a combination of the original administrators + Torozo + trusted 3rd parties.

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Platform – Ultra Secure

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