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Ultra-Secure and Simple File Sharing Platform

Dirt simple hyper-secure data sharing platform.

Intuitive. Individuals, teams, and large organizations are up and running, without training, in minutes. Our patented data-centric architecture encrypts your data before it leaves your machine, in transit and at its final location. With Torozo file sharing platform only you can authorize access to your data.  

Data availability is dramatically increased with our encrypt, shred and spread technology. Torozo is our version of the needle in a haystack. Torozo encrypts the needle (your data), then shreds/crushes the needle and spreads the crushed bits into many haystacks (storage endpoints). Your original data, and metadata, are now safe from any bad actor attack in transit or on the endpoint. Only you have the keys to reconstitute the original file. 


No credit card is required.

Test-drive hyper-secure file sharing, file transfer and cloud data storage. 

Only $3.95 per month.  

Simple to Use File Sharing Platform

Torozo makes securing, sharing, and transferring your files in the cloud more straightforward than using them on your device.  Just as you would organize files on your machine, Torozo running in your browser lets you manage and share them safely and securely remotely.  You are up and running with Torozo file sharing platform in seconds, requiring no installed applications and no user training.



 Torozo is a data-centric security architecture focused on securing and protecting your files so only you and those you designate may use or see them.  Only authenticated and authorized users and services have access to the files, leaving ransomware, malware, bad actors, and even your administrators with no path to access your valuable digital assets. Your data is encrypted before it leaves your machine, in transit and at rest using our FIPS 140-2 validated cryptography. In addition, Torozo’s ESS (encrypt, shred, and spread) technology works transparently behind the scenes to further protect your data like no other system on the planet. 

You can share files with an unlimited number of clients or guest users. To maintain an ultra-secure system, each client must be authenticated and create a Torozo account. However, client and guest accounts are FREE. 


Bring Your Own Authentication / Storage

For the business user, from small to medium to full enterprise-scale, Torozo lets you customize your own data protection and sharing suite.  In addition to unifying data, it simplifies administration and management. Torozo enables you to take advantage of your organization’s pre-existing resources and systems, unifying secure data management and movement without adding to your IT effort or complexity.  Your administrators use their current skill sets,  allowing you to maintain compliance, controls, and governance over the data even outside your data center; across your entire hybrid storage footprint, on-premises and in the cloud.


Transfer and Sharing

With Torozo, secure file transfer and sharing have never been more effortless. Whether individual files or an entire set of files and folders, drag and drop your data into Torozo, then from there, just click and share securely.  Torozo’s hyper-secure algorithms for protecting your content at rest and in-flight work seamlessly and transparently without complicating the user experience.  Simple sharing models prevent accidental data exposures.  Only your intended recipients receive your content after their identity verification with multi-factor authentication.  You will be notified when they receive the data to complete the cycle.

For individuals

Your hyper-secure digital safety deposit box.

All your personal documents are securely stored in one place with the ability to be securely shared. Wills, legal records, share certificates, stocks, warrants, creator’s content, NFT assets, crypto keys, seed phrases, etc.

For Businesses

Securely share with remote workers or clients.

Powerful ‘bring your own’ capabilities. Bring your own authentication, cloud storage, on-premises storage and analytics, or simply use Torozo’s hyper-secure storage and systems. 


On-premises installation for even more IT control. 

When IT governance policies demand it, install Torozo on premises. Keep all the ‘bring your own’ benefits. Get access to powerful data integration and life-cycle management tools such as Smart Filer from Leonovus.