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Secure File Sharing For Remote Workers

Data security for remote workers is one of the leading conversations around the new normal of working from home. The line between home and work has blurred, making remote employees vulnerable to cyber-attacks. 

At the most superficial level, most home or public connections are just not as secure or safe as a company’s encrypted network systems. More concerning, nearly 70% percent of employees stated that they switched between their company and personal laptops to work. Over 30% said they let friends and family use their work devices for personal tasks. And, without a company’s ability to manage and safeguard the home and public networks in use, these employees are at an ever-increasing risk of falling victim to hackers. Remote employees need to understand the importance of data security, but they also need to take action to prevent unwanted attacks.

All employees share, transfer and store data, and Torozo becomes a pivotal solution to protect that data with its hyper-secure and straightforward solution. 

Simplicity is an essential factor in data security.  If the user experience is too complex or convoluted, then problems occur, and cyber-breaches happen.   With its concepts, capabilities, and platform, Torozo reinforces its hyper-secure protection of your data with an easy-to-follow user experience.  

Two intuitive concepts are at the heart of this system, “My Files” and files “Shared with Me.”  The rest of the experience flows from there. This Torozo simplicity requires no training and no new skill sets on behalf of the user.   If they can use their device, they are ready for Torozo.  This is a benefit for users and administrators alike.

Torozo’s capabilities are centred around your data.  It is all about securely transferring, storing, and sharing your valuable content.   You drag-and-drop the content in, and it is already hyper-secured with Torozo’s proprietary ESS algorithms.   

Simply clicking on your content gives you easy access to view or share the content in question. To share with individuals or groups, you need only know their email address or group/user ID.  You decide whether each intended recipient can only see it or if they can edit the content as well.  You can even add a short note to the recipients about the data you make available to them.  Torozo handle’s the rest, letting the users know there is something available to them and ensuring only they get it.  You will even be notified when they pick it up.

Even the Torozo platform is tailored for simplicity and ease of use.  Today, most users are familiar with Internet browsing from their environment, whether it is a desktop, laptop, or some other mobile device.  That is why the Torozo user experience is browser-based.  New users can be up and running in seconds with no software to install and manage.

Torozo also simplifies operations efforts in businesses and organizations.  Once configured, there is no management effort required to keep Torozo running.

The simplicity extends beyond the user experience.  Your software applications and services also benefit from the Torozo approach to hyper-security blended with simplicity.  Torozo takes advantage of industry-standard protocols and mechanisms to access the data.  Common-use protocols including HTTP, HTTPS, REST, XML, and the de facto standard AWS S3 for accessing cloud-based data are how applications can see the data you have secured in your repository.  Even your workloads continue to operate as they usually would have, only now the data is safe and hyper-secured.

Individuals – Working from Home
Privacy and Protection

Your data is your own.  Service providers and administrators alike do NOT have access to your data.

Individuals – Working from Home

Automatically encrypted with military-grade protection and no complex user management of keys.

Individuals – Working from Home
Easy Sharing

Drag-and-drop to share within your team or to colleagues and customers outside your organization

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Individuals – Working from Home

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