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Secure File Sharing For Legal Documents

If you were to lose everything today, think about what documents you would need to access in a pinch. Your will, bank statements, passwords and other crucial financial documents – right? Many of us are accustomed to storing such items in a traditional safe deposit box at a bank or a fireproof safe at home. But in today’s evolving world, more and more people are opting for the convenience and accessibility of a digital safe deposit box.

A digital safe deposit box is a virtual, secure archive where you can place digital copies of anything you want. Unlike the physical constraints of a bank box, most digital safe deposit boxes offer unlimited storage.

You have control. 

A fundamental advantage of using a digital box to store your essential documents is controlling who has access to certain items within the box – or access to the box altogether. Suppose your loved ones need access to your information. With Torozo’s secure sharing features, a digital safe deposit box can provide ease and accessibility, which can help eliminate the need to frantically search through a loved one’s home or plead with a bank to gain access to what you need.

What to Store in a Digital Safe Deposit Box

What you choose to keep in your digital safe deposit box is a personal choice, although it’s typically used for important health and financial documents, password storage and sentimental items.

You may want to consider storing items including:

  • Digital copy of your will
  • Non-fungible token assets
  • Cryptocurrency backup
  • Photocopy of your passport
  • Creative content
  • Business plans, product ideas
  • Insurance policies
  • Health insurance policies, provider names and account information
  • Usernames and passwords for online accounts
  • Financial information (contact information for your financial advisor, credit card account info, bank account info, etc.)
  • Drivers license number
  • Social Security number
  • List of locations for physical items (will, passport, etc.)

As part of staying proactive and prepared for the future, it’s essential to take the time needed to organize and identify what you or your loved ones will want access to. Utilize the unlimited storage space of a digital safe deposit box to provide a thorough roadmap for loved ones and preserve precious memories.

With the BYOA (bring your own authentication) capability, the organization’s own IAM (Identity and access management) services can be used with Torozo for single source authentication services.  Users are tracked and managed where the organization has always performed these operations.  Torozo, as a new service, does not add new effort in Identity management.  BYOA combined with Torozo’s automatic user account creation makes for rapid, no-effort onboarding of the new organization.

Where the organization has existing storage resources, the BYOS (bring your own storage) capability, enables the organization to use their own pre-existing data storage endpoints gaining the added value of Torozo’s hyper security.  Combined with organizational space management and policies, Torozo’s framework enables consistent controls, governance, and policies fully aligned with existing data management, governance, and compliance.

From a controls and services perspective, the BYOM (bring your own mail) service, supports the IT organization’s unified approach to consistent email management and policy for both internal and external communications.  All notifications, invitations, and communications flow through the organization’s own email environment and services.

When it comes to operations tracking, reporting, and analytics, a necessary element in current and future protections against ransomware and data loss, the Torozo BYOAn (bring your own analytics) service, forms an integral component of the organization’s IT cybersecurity initiatives.  In addition to tracking and reporting in support of compliance and governance, the Torozo solution offers seamless integration into your operations and cyber security monitoring services.  BYOAn supports direct feeds for SIEM (security information and event monitoring), DLP (data loss prevention), UEBA (user and entity behavior analytics), and SOAR (security orchestration automation and response)systems, consistent with the corporate policies and services.  Torozo offers near real time export of compliance tracking information to feed these systems dynamically in a timely manner.

Together the Torozo BYO integrations ensure your security and compliance frameworks and processes remain simple and unified, consistent even while protecting, transferring and sharing data in-house and abroad.


Individuals – Legal Documents
Zero Knowledge

A user’s data is their own, even administrators do not have access to user content unless it is shared.

Individuals – Legal Documents

Automatically encrypted with military-grade protection and no complex user management of keys.

Individuals – Legal Documents

Coming soon:  as a DR (disaster recovery) measure, key recovery will be possible to verified organizations through a combination of the original administrators + Torozo + trusted 3rd parties.

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Individuals – Legal Documents

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