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The Most Secure File Sharing For Individuals

Security of private personal information is paramount in today’s digital world. Individuals need a hyper-secure digital safety deposit box with secure sharing and work-from-home capabilities for legal documents, medical information, created content, backup hard and soft crypto wallets, NFT storage and backup, work at home files, and secure messaging.

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Store and backup all your essential information.  Securely share only when you must. 

For Individuals

Working from home

Working from home must be ultra-simple and ultra-secure because many home workers find corporate security policies complex and cumbersome. Torozo solves this problem.

For Individuals

Legal Documents

Wills, insurance, employment contracts, stock options, warrants, significant assets, personal business plans, banking information, loans and mortgages, NFT, crypto keys and seed phrases.

For Individuals

Medical Information

Many doctors continue to use 1980’s fax technology to share/send private medical information because they don’t trust email, which is slow and itself not secure with documents lying around in the open. Hyper-secure Torozo solves this problem and puts you in control of sharing your medical information.

For Individuals

Content Creators

Are you a vlogger, blogger, photographer, videographer, NFT artist, podcaster, or any other content creator that needs a hyper-secure place to store and securely share your content?

For Individuals
For individuals

Your hyper-secure digital safety deposit box.

All your personal documents are securely stored in one place with the ability to be securely shared. Wills, legal records, share certificates, stocks, warrants, creator’s content, NFT assets, crypto keys, seed phrases, etc.

For Individuals
For Businesses

Securely share with remote workers or clients.

Powerful ‘bring your own’ capabilities. Bring your own authentication, cloud storage, on-premises storage and analytics, or simply use Torozo’s hyper-secure storage and systems. 

For Individuals

On-premises installation for even more IT control. 

When IT governance policies demand it, install Torozo on premises. Keep all the ‘bring your own’ benefits. Get access to powerful data integration and life-cycle management tools such as Smart Filer from Leonovus.