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Simple To Use Business File Sharing

Torozo makes securing, sharing, and transferring your files in the cloud as easy as using them on your device.  Using best practices from desktop computing,  you interact with your files as you would on your own machine. Torozo running in your browser, lets you manage and share them safely and securely remotely as well.  Requiring no installed applications and no user training, you are up and running with Torozo in seconds.

You drag-and-drop the content in, and it is already hyper-secured with Torozo’s proprietary ESS algorithms.   Simply clicking on your content gives you easy access to view or share the content interactively.  To share with individuals or groups, you need only know their email address or group/user ID.  You decide whether each intended recipient can only see it or if they can edit the content as well.  You can even add a short note to the recipients about the data you are making available to them.  Torozo handle’s the rest, letting the users know there is something available to them and ensuring only they get it.

Similarly, your workloads, services, and applications can also gain algorithmic access to your hyper secure data.  Utilizing industry standard protocols and procedures Torozo supports several APIs (algorithmic program interfaces) to the data.  HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, TLS, and AWS S3 protocols can all be used in a RESTful manner to gain authenticated programmatic access to your data.  This applies for both the API controls over your protected data or in the sharing, transfer, transport, and management of the data.  


Torozo maintains cryptographic integrity of your hyper-secure data throughout all of these interactions. It also ensures all of these interactions, with both systems and data, are tracked, logged, and reported for the full data life cycle.

With Torozo, data management, sharing, transfer, and usage is both very easy and hyper-secure

Business – User Simplicity
Privacy and protection

Your data is your own.  Service providers and administrators alike do NOT have access to your data.

Business – User Simplicity

Automatically encrypted with military-grade protection and no complex user management of keys.

Business – User Simplicity
Easy sharing

Drag-and-drop to share within your team or to colleagues and customers outside your organization

Discover more user benefits of Torozo for your business.


Bring your own authentication / storage

Controls and Governance

Business – User Simplicity

No credit card is required for a free trial of Torozo.