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Simple To Manage Business File Sharing

Torozo makes securing, sharing, and transferring your files in the cloud as easy as using them on your device.  Once it is configured, Torozo adds no work load for your IT organization.  With no installed applications to manage, auto-account creation and no additional training, your users are up and running in seconds without any direct IT intervention.  Leveraging existing resources for authentication, analytics, communications, and storage, Torozo uses easy codeless integrations to seamlessly join as an element of your IT solution stack, fully aligned to corporate policies and procedures.

As a separate tenant in Torozo, the subscribing business is in a position to customize the Torozo SaaS to meet their own needs and requirements. This also extends to controls, policies, tracking and reporting.  Since the business likely already has their own IT organization with controls and policies in place to meet their needs from a compliance and governance perspective, it is logical to assume the business would want the Torozo SaaS to align with these internal standards.  Torozo supports this philosophy.  In fact, the Torozo SaaS is designed to enable administrators to tailor their tenancy to unify their policy and management resources, taking advantage of what already exists.  This also simplifies the administrative workload on their IT team, requiring no additional operational effort or new skill sets.

Where the organization already has IT operations and administration teams and services in place,  Torozo reinforces consistent policy and simplicity by allowing them to leverage their existing resources.  Authentication, storage, email, operational analytics; each of these can be adopted into their Torozo SaaS organizational tenancy with point-and-click, codeless integrations.  With the utilization of existing resources and services, Torozo fits nicely within the organization’s solution stack enabling unified policy and controls and no growth or duplication of management effort.  

With Torozo’s BYOA (bring your own authentication) capability, the business’ own IAM (Identity and access management) services can be used with Torozo for single source authentication services.  Users are tracked and managed where the organization has always performed these operations.  Torozo, as a new service, does not add new effort in Identity management.  BYOA combined with Torozo’s automatic user account creation makes for rapid, no-effort onboarding of the new organization.

Where the business has existing storage resources, the BYOS (bring your own storage) capability, enables the organization to use their own pre-existing data storage endpoints gaining the added value of Torozo’s hyper security.   Combined with organizational space management and policies, Torozo’s framework enables consistent controls, governance, and policies fully aligned with existing data management, governance, and compliance.

From a controls and services perspective, the BYOM (bring your own email) service, supports the IT organization’s unified approach to consistent email management and policy for both internal and external communications.  All notifications, invitations, and communications flow through the organization’s own email environment and services.

When it comes to operations tracking, reporting, and analytics, a necessary element in current and future protections against ransomware and data loss, the Torozo BYOAn (bring your own analytics) service, forms an integral component of the organization’s IT cybersecurity initiatives.  In addition to tracking and reporting in support of compliance and governance, the Torozo solution offers seamless integration into operations and cyber security monitoring services.  BYOAn supports direct feeds for SIEM (security information and event monitoring), DLP (data loss prevention), UEBA (user and entity behavior analytics), and SOAR (security orchestration automation and response) systems, consistent with the corporate policies and services.  Torozo offers near real time export of compliance tracking information to feed these systems dynamically in a timely manner.

Together the Torozo BYO integrations ensure your security and compliance frameworks and processes remain simple and unified, consistent even while protecting, transferring and sharing data in-house and abroad.

Businesses – IT Simplicity
Zero Knowledge

A user’s data is their own, even administrators do not have access to user content unless it is shared.

Businesses – IT Simplicity

NIST FIPS 140-2 encryption combined with post-quantum data protection techniques to secure your data now and in the future.

Businesses – IT Simplicity
Unified Policy and Controls

Torozo codelessly integrates with your existing IT controls and policy stack, unifying capabilities without adding IT effort.

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Bring your own authentication / storage

Easy User Data Management

Businesses – IT Simplicity

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