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Integrated File Sharing

Torozo’s capabilities are centered around protecting, sharing, and transferring your data. But hyper secure data management is only half the battle.  For a complete solution a business must maintain proper control governance over its most valuable assets – its data.  

Torozo enables your business to share, transfer, and store your data with ultra-security and ultra-simplicity.  It also ensures your organization maintains control and governance over the data and the interactions with it.  It achieves this without adding more tasks, workload, or extra learnings for your IT team.

By taking advantage of pre-existing policies, procedures, and controls, Torozo, slides in and blends seamlessly with your IT solution stack. With BYO (bring-your-own) codeless integrations for identity, communications, analytics, and storage resources, Torozo aligns with and embraces your well established mechanisms for maintaining control and governance.  Once configured, your IT team manages and operates these solutions areas as they always have, only now they include and cover Torozo as well. 

Your business maintains  your own IAM (identity and access management) systems.  Because of BYOA (BYO authentication), consistent behaviors and policy are ensured by allowing the organization to use that IAM system for their organization in Torozo as well.  When it comes to data access, authentication is not enough, the party in question must also be authorized before any interactions can occur.  As above, where an organization has their own IAM system, the BYOA (Bring Your Own Authentication system) capability of Torozo supports consistent policy including fine-grained role-based authorization control (RBAC) and full industry-standard ACLs (access control lists) as well.

This same utilization of existing policy and controls extends to Torozo emails and storage endpoints and data management.

Once a user is authenticated and authorized, they are allowed to interact with the secured data only in a manner set out by the owner or their designated representatives.  However, Torozo continues to offer controls during all of these data (and system) interactions, with complete tracking and logging of all system activity.  These compliance logs are maintained securely within Torozo.  They may also be exported in near real time to the owner’s organization offering BYOAn (BYO analytics).  With real time exported compliance logging, Torozo supports extended data and behavioral controls and analytics empowering DLP (data loss prevention), EUBA ( user and entity behavior analytics), and SOAR (security orchestration and response).  

Since all of the preceding BYO and compliance logging solutions use existing services, the IT team takes on no new effort to support Torozo.

Business – Controls and Governance
Zero Knowledge

Full control means zero-trust and zero-knowledge.  Even an inside administrator cannot access the data.

Business – Controls and Governance

Through automated key generation or full key control from an organizational perspective, you control the keys.

Business – Controls and Governance

Coming soon:  as a DR (disaster recovery) measure, key recovery will be possible to verified organizations through a combination of the original administrators + Torozo + trusted 3rd parties.

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Bring your own authentication / storage

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Business – Controls and Governance

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