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The Most Secure File Sharing For Business

Securely Share, Transfer and Store Your Most Valuable Asset

Business membership in Torozo is for small businesses up to global enterprises and institutions, who need to work collectively as a unit securely sharing, transferring, or storing data.  It is for those who want to protect and keep one of their most valued assets, their data, safe and secure, with solid controls and governance.  Whether sharing in-house with local and remote colleagues or with customers and clients outside your organization, Torozo efficiently keeps your data hyper-secure with hyper-simplicity and no loss of control, even in the cloud.

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Experience hyper-secure data sharing, transfer, and storage with hyper-simplicity for yourself. 

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For Businesses

Hyper-simplicity For Users

Torozo makes hyper-secure storing, sharing, and transferring your files in the cloud easy. Your organization is up and running within minutes. The intuitive interface requires no user training, and there is nothing to install.  

For Businesses

Hyper-simplicity for IT teams

With flexible “Bring Your Own” capabilities, Torozo slides right into your current IT solutions stack, leveraging your existing resources and policies.  Identity, storage, communications, and analytics can all be unified,  keeping administration simple.

For Businesses

Hyper-security For Your Data

As a business, your data is mission-critical. The company must protect it at all times. Confidentiality, integrity, and availability are the critical facets of Torozo’s data-centric protection solution.  While you share storage resources as an organization, your data Spaces start and remain private.  The only data shared or transferred is explicitly specified by its owner.

For Businesses

Your Organization Stays in Control

Your organization has genuine needs for security, governance, and control.  The company must balance these factors with the need for users to be able to work efficiently with their data to do their jobs.  Torozo successfully treads that balance extending controls over data sharing, transfer and storage without adding to the IT workload.  Because it becomes an integrated element of your existing resource stacks, Torozo aligns with and enforces your policy and controls.

For Businesses
For individuals

Your hyper-secure digital safety deposit box.

All your personal documents are securely stored in one place with the ability to be securely shared. Wills, legal records, share certificates, stocks, warrants, creator’s content, NFT assets, crypto keys, seed phrases, etc.

For Businesses
For Businesses

Securely share with remote workers or clients.

Powerful ‘bring your own’ capabilities. Bring your own authentication, cloud storage, on-premises storage and analytics, or simply use Torozo’s hyper-secure storage and systems. 

For Businesses

On-premises installation for even more IT control. 

When IT governance policies demand it, install Torozo on premises. Keep all the ‘bring your own’ benefits. Get access to powerful data integration and life-cycle management tools such as Smart Filer from Leonovus.